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Custom Software

We know custom software. Our exceptionally deep knowledge of custom software development means we've never had a project fail. Whether you need a Web application, mobile application, custom database, cross-platform development, or the creation of new software-based products or services, Our team can customise your software, so it really will work for you, saving you time, effort and money. Sync can help with free advice and a detailed quote for custom software.


Bespoke Software

We offer bespoke software design and development services to any organisation looking to make an improvement in one or multiple areas of their business. Bespoke software can solve the problems that no off-the-shelf package can. Also it is inherently in a position to provide the optimum solution since it is designed for a specific company and a specific need.At Sync we have developed custom applications for our clients, each of which has made a big improvement in ...


Database Services

Sync has highly rated database developer partnering with corporate businesses, charities and public sector services throughout the UK, Singapore and Myanmar providing a comprehensive range of world class expert services. Our range of database related services extend for core line of business OLTP systems to design and develop of green-field database schemas, interoperability and ETL processes for developing OLAP data warehouses.


Features Overview

Web Development
Web portals, e-commerce applications and data management systems.
Software Development
Custom ERP, CRM, financial and business process automation software development.
Best Services
SYNC provides our best services (included 24/7 support) to all of our clients in same portion..
Legacy Migration
Sync has helped its clients to cost effectively migrate to new technologies while ..
Reduced Time-To-Market
"Time to market" could be of critical importance in many sectors and for ...
Global Unit
Sync is growning company and we are expanding our team. Now we are in Norway, United Kingdom and Myanmar.
Mobile Apps
iPhone, Android, WM apps and windows mobile
Maintenance and Support
Sync technical support and maintenance services have a reliable history with our clients.
Fresh Ideas
Sync is always leading in developing and delivering high quality innovative software products.We always provide fresh ideas for our clients.